Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Too much chocolate

I never thought I would hear myself saying this but I have eaten way too much chocolate. I think I ate at least one egg/bunny each day of Easter!! What a pig!!

Other than eating over easter me and Debra decided that after two lovely summer days on Friday and Saturday that we missed out on, we would go to the beach on Sunday. Our day was ruined by the fact that of course Sunday was a crappy overcast day. So instead we went to the movies and saw Scary Movie 4. Now we weren’t expecting a whole lot from this movie but expected it a least to be funny. Well in Debra’s words “It's like they stopped trying”. The movie was crap and wasn’t even that funny and only lasted for 1 ½ hours. My rating for this movie would be 1/5 it can wait to VHS!!!

After waiting for two months I finally got my skates yesterday, yah. I tried them out last night and within five minutes of stepping on the ice I fell over and scrapped my elbow and hands. The thing about our skates is that they have toe picks where as rental ones don’t really and they are the cause for falling over. I managed to stay up for the rest of the lesson and left them to get sharpened so I will be a pro next week.

Airfares are on sale at the moment, so we decided that it was about time to cross the border and go and visit Pam and now Hayley in Sydney. I have got a week off work and we go on 13 May. Am so excited, we are going to see where Home and Away is filmed and hopefully, if we go during the week, see some of the cast members or some filming, go to Luna Park, see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House and any other exciting things that are recommened.

Anyways have got heaps of work to do because we had someone leave and someone is on holiday.

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