Thursday, 13 April 2006

A good week

I knew this week was always going to be a good week. Its contains my birthday, easter and most importantly a four day week at work! I also found out yesterday that for the next four weeks we have four day weeks!! Woo Hoo.

I had a really good birthday on Monday and ate way too much Pizza and Pavlova for lunch, followed by Mac and Cheese for dinner. Its not wonder I could hardly move at netball on Monday night and that we got slaughtered. The score is way to embarrassing to share.
On Tuesday I found out that finally my skates were in Australia and that I should be getting them on Tuesday, just in time for next weeks lesson! Yah!! I was struggling with the rentals and will be way better with my own skates ;).

Last night me and Debra went to the movies and watched a movie about a great kiwi, The World's Fastest Indian. What a fantastic movie and no kiwi movie is every complete without at least two ex Shortland Street actors! I would give it 4.5/5. Some parts of it I was in fits of laughter and the best thing about the movie was that when sad things happened you knew that he did it so you didn't worry. One thing I will say about Burt Munro is that he is good with the ladies!!
Today one of the girls from work its leaving so the boss is paying for us to go out for dinner and drinks. So that will be heaps of fun and about all I have planned for easter at this stage.
I have decided to do a link from my website to the Home and Away recap part of the site so I don't have to keep cutting and pasting. I will tell you something about this weeks Home and Away and that is Amanda may in fact be Belle's mother!!!!!
Will keep you posted.
Have a save and happy Easter. Drive carefully.

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