Monday, 3 April 2006

Home and Away

Josh is dead. The killer retrieves Morag’s confidential file.

With boos from the crowd of protesters, Amanda is about to cut the ribbon to launch the construction of Project 56. Morag races up with a letter in her hand. She has proof that Josh is linked to Tiverson, so Project 56 is illegal!

At the same time, Jack receives a phone call…Josh West is dead!

Jack and Peter question Morag, then call in Ric, who stumbles in his interrogation. Peter is alerted that Amanda will now get Tiverson shares worth four million dollars – so she’s under suspicion big time! Amanda flees the Bay.

It seems Ric and Cassie’s relationship is over!

More residents of the Bay become suspects. Dan is pulled in for questioning. Martha’s questioned, while Ric hides his guilt over the magazine cut-out letter to Josh.

Amanda is stopped from fleeing the country by Peter and Jack and taken in for questioning. Evidence turns up to prove she is innocent. But the killer is still out there!

Belle is the one who framed Amanda by putting the magazines in her bin. When Ric sees Martha is under suspicion, he announces he’s responsible for the death threat!

Rachel and Kim are in love. She plans a romantic dinner for two, Kim stays over. In the morning, Hyde knocks on the door – their secret is out. Hyde spits his dummy. Kim tell his father Rachel is the one for him – if his father can’t accept that, well, his father’s out of his life.

Hyde calls on Rachel to apologise. His concern has only been that Kim could be hurt again – and there’s an age difference! Hyde invites Kim and Rachel to join him for a drink.

Tasha and Robbie announce they are having a baby to Robbie's family. Everyone’s elated, but Tasha aches for Robbie having to put on a brave front.

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