Wednesday, 3 May 2006

I can’t believe its May already.

Today we have officially been here 8 months and the time has just flown buy. I can still remember going to the airport that foggy morning and saying goodbye to everyone to embark on our journey to Australia. Anyways, that’s enough of the reminiscing and lets talk about my impending trip to Sydney. This is the hot topic at home at the moment and as everyone knows (especially me!) when you are waiting excitedly for something to happen it takes twice as long! At the moment we are discussing what exciting things we are going to do and see. We are planning on going up to the blue mountains and staying a night at the Blue Mountains , going to Palm Beach (I have emailed the information centre so they can hopefully give me some info on when best to go down to see the filming of home and away), the sketchers outlet shop (as Debra reminded me the other day that now I don’t have people towering over me anymore I can now wear flat shoes), Luna Park, Opera House and Bridge, Glassons (yah, Sydney is one of the cities that have one). Oh and looked on the Sydney Casino website and they have craps!

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