Tuesday, 30 May 2006


I hope everyone appreciates reading my blog because today I have come into work 45 minutes early just to update . As work is soo busy at the moment haven't had time to do it.

Sydney - Day 1 - 13 May 2006

Having selected an early flight to Sydney myself and Debra were up and about at 4am waiting for the transfer man to come and pick us and take us away on our adventure. Arriving at Pam's house at 8.30 in the morning we lugged our, lets just say Heavy, suitcases up one and a half flights of stairs and managed to wake them all up and I think some of the neighbours!

Once everyone was awake and showered Pam, Kev, Debra and Myself headed down to Circular Quay for some snaps with the standard tourist spots.
Thats me in a the circle of light!

That night we headed for the rugby and cheered on the Hurricanes with a bunch of kiwis and triumphed in the end with a win!

Day 2 - 14 May 2006

Today Hayley took us on an adventure to Bondi Junction and Bondi markets. We read in a Sydney tourist book that some times stars can go down to the markets and we were keeping our eyes pealed. Unfortunately we didn't see anyone but we did however find a shop that selled orange chocolate chip ice land and went down to the beach to eat it.

Bondi Beach

Day 3 and 4 - 15 -16 May

Today me and Debra headed to the Blue Mountains.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best and we had to walk around most of the days in our blue poncho's. This is me in my blue poncho and this is the view that we saw!
Apparently there are waterfalls behind me.

Now we thought that we would take a leisurely stroll of ten minutes to see the Cascades instead it ended up to be about an hour walk in the wet, cold and miserable weather through the bush on paths that we muddy and down metal steps. I can tell you we were both pretty happy when we made it to Scenic World and took the steepest railway in the world back up to the top!


As we couldn't really see much at scenic world, what else was there to do but go to the chocolate shop where we enjoyed a real hot chocolate and may have brought a few fancy chocolates!!

The next day we thought we would try our luck back up at scenic world. Unfortunately is was still foggy and we went on the scenic skyway


Half the ride you could see stuff the other half was just fog

You can see in this picture the building we where heading to.

Deciding we had been beaten by the fog, we decided not to go to see the three sisters rock formation and decided on horse riding instead, Debra was a little reluctant, but we had a great time and could harldy walk the next day.

Day 5 - Wednesday 17 May

Today was sent shopping in Paramatta Westfield and had lunch with Pam. Westfield didn't really do it for me and I came away with only a new pair of boots.

That night we went out for a yummy dinner at 5o's where meals are $5.00 what a bargain!

Day 6 - Thursday 18 May

Today was the day I was most excited about, going to Palm Beach where they film Home and Away. After 2 hours in the bus and one stop to far we finally made it to the "Surf Club"

Unfortunately after hanging around for a couple of hours we never saw any stars or anyone filming :(

Day 7 - Friday 19 May

Friday was spent lazing around the house recovering from the last couple of action packed days. Friday night we went to luna park for unlimited rides. Unfortunately for us, neither of us could stomach many of them and came out feeling a tad sick. I can spend a home day a dream world but a couple of rides at luna park and I was done.

Day 8 - Saturday 20 May

On Wednesday night Kevin suggested that we had a shop-a-thon and what girl can resist this temptation! So on Saturday us four girls let our legs do the walking, credit cards do the talking and off we went. After getting a little lost on the way to the Sketchers outlet shop we eventually made it out of there were four pairs of fantastic shoes. After Sketchers we proceeded to an outlet mall somewhere, where the shopping continued.

That night we had some cocktails at home and then headed into town to go to the Ice Bar. We had a fantastic time in there and had a over excited employee taking heaps of snaps. It was heaps and I recommend it. They have one in Auckland.


See Pam’s photos for more pictures of us


Day 9 – Sunday 21 May

Home Time

Today we got up late and had brunch down in Coogee and then sat at home and watched a movie. A great way to spend a Sunday after an exhausting wee!

What a great holiday. Thank you Pam, Hayley and Kev for your hospitality.


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