Thursday, 3 August 2006

Graphic Images!

On Friday I went back to the doctors to find out my fate. After snipping the cast open and taking the bandage off (I closed my eyes for that part) this is what I saw – ew but apparently it is healing well. The doctor then came by and showed me my x-rays, I have about eight screws that will stay permanently in my leg (unless they start irritating me and then they might get removed at a later stage) and that big screw. I have been told I will need another operation to have it taken out in about seven weeks. He also told me the bad news, I will have to be in plaster for another FIVE weeks, five weeks, do you know how long that is!!!!! Two weeks was bad enough. After five weeks they will take off my plaster and ease me back into walking again and two weeks after that will have to go back into surgery and have that big screw out. The upside to me having to still be in plaster is that I got a swanky pink cast!

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