Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Highlights, Lowlights and Undecided


- receiving a Wasgij puzzle from Pam! I was totally addicted to it and it took me three days to complete. It was a welcome distraction. Thanks Pam :)

- Receiving my late birthday present from Kim! Season One of Gilmore Girls, Bar of Whitakes super dark chocolate and a totally appropriate card!

- Finding out that my family is moving over to Australia and hopefully bringing my cat!

- Finally getting my plaster off! I still have to stay off (put no more than 50% of my body weight on it) for another three weeks and after that finally get that big screw out and start getting on with my life.

-Getting a real letter in the mail.


- Debra moving back to New Zealand and me having to find a new flatmate.

- Having to sell most of my stuff in New Zealand.

- Our cat mitten having to find a new home because she is too old to move to Australia

- Still not being able to walk.

- A girl at work breaking her arm


The Outback Spectacular

I am not sure if I can really give a true criticism of the outback spectacular as I had just had my plaster off and was a bit tired. It was fun to dress up in the hats and the show had audience participation which I enjoyed and pav for dessert. But I didn't think the show was as good as it could have been, like they had camels but they only had a like a minute camel race and that was it.

I have put some pictures in the photo gallery as well and you will see that I have added a new site to my links - welcome Jason and Juliet to the world of blog! :)


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