Thursday, 7 September 2006

Nicky coming to visit

Nicky had the weekend off and decided to come down to the coast to visit from Noosa.

After tripping over uneven carpet in my house and face planting into the wall (fortunantely not injuring my sore leg but leaving a lump on my head, knee, toe and arm) we headed for dinner at Bojangles in Broadbeach (see September 2005 post). It was pouring down in the Gold Coast (good for the dams) but not so good for someone on crutches I carefully navigated my way down the stairs and was breathing a sigh of relief that I had made it when my crutches slipped from under me and I fell backwards onto the wet cobblestones, when Nicky finally stopped laughing at me (apparently it was funny that I fell over twice that day) she pulled me up (Debra and Nicky have been snickering about it all weekend) we headed to the casino where it ate our money! Bring back the craps I say!

On Saturday we decided to head to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. I am sure the girls were trying to kill me, they decided it would be a good idea for them to each have an ice cream in one hand and then one handle each on my wheel chair up a windy hill! We saw lots of koalas and had pictures with a snake.

For dinner we decided to dress up in our fancy dresses and head to our favourite seafood restaurant in Surfers Paradise. We were all class in our dresses eating seafood with our fingers and cloth napkins!

Sunday was our one year in Australia. It totally doesn't fell like one year ago we were sitting in Hamilton Airport saying goodbye to our friends, delayed with the fog, sick with colds and hives and eating chicken smoked in old boot! Fortunatley our holiday got better after day one! So today we decided to head out and go whale watching and boy did we totally choose the right boat to get onto! We had the three cutest boat boys to look at we didn't even care about the whales!! We saw a few dolphins and a few whales but mostly wished that we were heading back to shore as Debra and myself we feeling a bit sick. Debra tells me that if the boys weren't so cute on the boat she would have barfed overboard!
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