Thursday, 7 December 2006

And then onto Auckland

27 November - 1 December 2006

After the wedding I spent another couple of days in Hamilton and then headed up to Auckland to see Zac off at the airport and to spend a couple of days with Debra and even managed to catch up with Louise.

On 30 November, Tobi has his work do at I managed to score a date with Sean (one of Tobi's work mates, thanks for having me) and had a great night. Spookers is a "haunted" attraction in an old mental hospital in Auckland. The attractions we did were the haunted house and the 3d maze. It was great fun and me and Debra we highly entertaining, according to some, because we got shit scarred at every turn. Go to these links, and change images to 30 per page, and have a look.
On Friday night, Tobi decided to have a end of Movember party where everyone (was supposed) to dress up with moustaches.

Debra went as Magnum PI, I went as a rock star, Cameron as a dirty old man and Tobi as speedo cop!


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