Thursday, 21 December 2006

3 December till now

Me and Katie
3 December I headed down to Napier on a bus - stupid bloody hire car company opening at 3pm on a Sunday!!!! for my sisters last ballet recital she was Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins (i am secretly glad its the last for a while, cause while its fun to see her dance, not so much to see the others!!!).

On 9 December my baby sister turned 18, so although it felt like minus 2 degrees outside we hit the night clubs in Napier and danced till 2pm in the morning, haven't made that effort for a while!

An aside for the above events and catching up with Sunshine (Hey!) i have been pretty much preparing my family for the big move. We are selling pretty much everything and i have been designated to posting and patrolling the trade me accounts and organising things coming and going and that is why i haven't had time to update my site.

19 days and counting till we leave Napier!!


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