Thursday, 8 February 2007


We have mice!!

I suspected we might have mice when I first moved into my room and saw mouse poopings and it was confirmed yesterday when mum saw one run across the floor and into the hall cupboard. We shut the door and tried to lock it in there and called the real estate agents who are stupid dickheads, they must be the most useless bunch of airheads in the world anyway, so last night I was sitting on the floor using the computer and suddenly i saw one run right next to me, I think my ear piercing scream frightened the little bugger away. I am not sure if it was the same one from upstairs or not as that one had mysteriously disappeared.
Later that night we were watching tv and Popcorn ran across the room with something, Courtney thought it was a ball but I had other suspicions! She had caught A mouse, not sure if there is one or more but our smart little kitty caught one of them. So Courtney wrestled it out of Popcorn's mouth and into a container and that was that. Until this morning, when the little blitter got away!!!


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