Monday, 17 December 2007

8 December 2007

Fishing Charter
I had booked a fishing charter on Saturday afternoon from 12pm to 5pm (five hours) for me Darry and Dustin. After paying the full price of $120.00 us along with six other passengers boarded the boat ready for our day ahead. We were told that some people were running late and had got lost and that we would be waiting for them. So we sat on the boat in the heat waiting for them being told every 5 minutes that we would wait just five more minutes. After an hour of waiting they finally turn up saying that they thought it started at 1pm. So naturally we thought, well we are FULL paying customers we paid for FIVE hours of fishing we would just stay out an hour longer as we had paid for five hours of fishing.

I can tell you I was extremely annoyed that they totally ripped us off an hour. So I sent them a crappy letter (most of which is above) and am waiting upon a reply (which I doubt I will get). Aside from the above, it was a pretty good day, not many fish caught though. Although we saw some spectacular dolphins jumping out of the water and we took home 1 fish each.

This photo is off me in the harbour, it was probably the biggest fish caught!

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