Monday, 17 December 2007

9 December 2007

Courtney’s 19th Birthday
Today was Courtney’s 19th birthday so we thought we would make the effort and dress up for a nights partying. We dressed up in our best gears and went upstairs for some drinks and singstars. After bazillions of photos (check my photo gallery or my bebo for more), me having to stand in the middle to break up the colour!! We headed to town. First stop was Cocktails and Dreams– boring (they have one sort of music that just keeps going on and on and on) so me and gramps (aka Darryl) headed off to an “old person’s bar” where they play music you can sing and dance too and that was also airconditioned (bonus!!) after a while there we decided to head home. Mum came and picked us up and we picked up Sara on the way past, where she then proceeded to lay on the deck all night and was still cronically hung over on Sunday!

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