Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas 2007

This year was our first family Christmas in Australia. I got woken up at 6am from a call in New Zealand allowing me to open my Christmas presents from Darryl.

I tired to go back to sleep but it was light out and I was excited so I ran upstairs to get the family up. As the kids had been out the night before and weren’t in the mood I stomped back downstairs to wait FOREVER for them, especially Sara (the Christmas grumblebags from way back) to get up. When they finally rised we all got to open our presents. This year I got a pretty good haul – a ring, teddy bear, toothbrush, rock, scorched almonds, necklace, bag patches, pack, pacsafe, towel, bag, ipod charger, drink bottle, scratchies, money pouch, mobile phone holder, frame, bubble gun.

The morning started off good with us preparing Christmas lunch etc and we sat down to lunch and things started going down hill firstly for Courtney who disappeared into her room in the middle of lunch and then mum. Me and Sara tested out the new singstars she got and then she headed off for bed as well. They had all come down with a tummy bug, lucky I didn’t get it …


Yes, that is a NZ flag and not an Australian one.

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