Sunday, 20 January 2008

Trip to New Zealand

Trip to New Zealand
27 December 2007 to 12 January 2008

Me on New Years Eve

This trip got from bad to pretty bad to good to worse!!

I awoke at 5am this morning to be at the airport in time to catch my 8am flight. As I got out of bed my tummy was feeling funny. “Its just early” I told myself. But no unfortunately I had the tummy bug that everyone got on Christmas. Uggggg, “can I have an aisle seat” I told the check in lady. I can tell you one thing flying with the most upset stomach at 8am is not fun!!! I couldn’t wait to hit ground and then to make matters worse I had to be a passenger in a car to Tauranga. “Stop now, I think I might throw up! Oh, nah I’m good”. My illness just kept coming in waves!!! Fortunately the next day I was feeling better and headed out fishing on the boat with Darryl and some of his friends.

Unfortunately, two days after I started feeling good I started feeling bad and after a $100 trip to the doctor and prescriptions was feeling better for New Years Eve.

Sadly, this year my New Years wasn’t as exciting as I hoped. I had come back to New Zealand especially to have New Years with all of my friends, I can’t even remember the last time I spent it with them all. But after various emails with no replies, or yeah I’m keen (not) or I don’t think anyone is even going to be in Hamilton. I was extremely upset and disappointed that most of my friends had decided to do something else. I guess maybe if I had lowered my expectations I wouldn’t be so disappointed right. Lucky though I didn’t let this spoil my night; myself, Darryl, Kim and Quentin had a fabulous BBQ where we all ate too much, we had scrumptious cocktails and only had to share Singstar amongst the four of us! Bonus!!

Katie and me on New Years Eve

Quentin after a few cocktails!
On the 1st I decided to head back to Tauranga as I wasn’t really in the mood to hang around and this is when my phone went on strike for three days dumb!!

The rest of my holiday was filled in with various events such as Darryl’s birthday where we had a BBQ with his friends, Nicky’s birthday in the Mount where I got to catch up with her and went out for a boggie (I don’t recommend going out in Tauranga!!) and try to convince her to come to the UK with me. We then went camping down to Omio (just past Opotiki) for 2 nights where we went fishing, near death experience boating, bush walking along extremely overgrown tracks and the boys went snorkelling for Crayfish. They got 17 in total. Yum!! The 10th was spent at Blues, Brews and BBQs where I ate – a lamb shank,an ostrich sausage, kangaroo kebabs, pork ribs, white bait fritter, German pretzel and donuts! and caught up with Rachel, Cam and Nicky.

Nicky and me on her Birthday

Darryl and me on Nicky's birthday

Nicky and me and Blues Brews & BBQ's

Me and the pretzel

On the 11th it was time to head back to Hamilton for dinner out with friends and then a drive to the airport at 4am, for the saddest moment of my trip, I had to say goodbye to Darryl as he wasn’t coming back to Australia with me. He had decided to stay in Tauranga for two years to start a uni degree. (yes that means we have broken up)


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