Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Credit Crunch in London

I hate those stupid words "credit crunch".

London, as well as lots of other countries is suffering the effects of going into recession. People are losing their jobs, hundreds by the day and because of that the people that do have them are not letting go. Its quite a depressing time for lots of people and it means that work is scarce.
You would think that people will be hiring temps to get them through if they were busy and so that they aren't committed to keeping them on but unfortunately for me, even with 12 employment agencies, work is in short supply. I think that I have worked probably about 2 weeks this whole year which totally sucks!
Fortunately, though for the next three weeks I have work (ironically I worked at an employment law firm which is booming with business) and after I finish the placement I have now in March I will make the decision as to whether I stay or go. Fingers crossed that the market gets a little bit busier and that I can stay cause am so not ready to come home (well back to my adopted home of the Gold Coast). Australia dosen't seem to be hit as hard and there still seems to be quite a few jobs here unlike in New Zealand, where I tried "seek" and their are no Legal Secretary Jobs in Hamilton at all.

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