Saturday, 14 February 2009

Weekend 13 February - 15 February 2009

This weekend was pretty full on

13 February
On Friday night Michael, one of my flatmates, was having some leaving drinks. He is going to Egypt and Jordan for three weeks and then coming back to London for a couple of days before heading back to Melbourne to be a grown up.

Me and some of my other flatmates headed into town to meet up with him. Unfortunately, his tube got delayed so we went to check out the Covent Garden walkie instead and had a few drinks there without him but, managed to catch up with him on the tube ride home.

14 February

On Saturday Nicola was hosting an anti-valentines day cocktail party and that so sounded like me! Even though our tube was down (again!!) Richard and myself made the 1.5 hour trek down there to celebrate. It was also a good excuse to put on a pretty dress. Needless to say after many cocktails of varying colours and three sambucca shots later I was in a very good mood! We headed into Clapham to a nightclub called Inferno to party the night away. Inferno is huge!! As the girls had kicked the boys out an hour or so earlier than we left, I didn't see Richard for the rest of the night and there was no chance I would find him in there. I have various mind blanks of the night, which Nicola has been (cringingly) filling me in on, but all and all had a really good night (so I have been told) and would totally recommend Infernos.

15 February

On Sunday I had a pre-arranged (by many weeks) catch up with two girls I haven't seen since high school but have been friends with since primary school. So after a rail replacement ride from hell, I made it into the city and spent about 6 hours (including lunch and dinner) catching up on all the news, finding out what everyone else is doing and general chit chat from the past 8 or so years! Was really nice to see them and hope to see them again before I/they leave London.

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