Thursday, 12 March 2009

Michael's Leaving Party

My flatmate, Michael (Mick), who just arrived back from Egypt looking all tanned (that will be me in a few weeks!) was leaving London and heading back to oz. We all decided to head down to the Finchley Road Walkie (our local, ever more so since our other flatmate started working there) for a few (hmm) drinks before he had to leave at 6am the next morning to catch his flight.

The whole flat made the effort to come down and have a few drinks and dinner.

It was a Thursday night so there were a few people there and we were all having a good time, drinking, listening to awful karaoke and posing for fotos!

Dallas (flatmate), Michael (flatmate), Me and Beth

When the bar closed we ended up staying for the lock out and by the time we rolled in at 4am (glad I didn't have to work or go to the airport in the morning!) we were all very jolly and totally ready to go to bed. I put in the earplugs as I knew at 6am when the cab arrived the boys would not be ready!!

Needless to say Mick and Mike (who was going to Amsterdam) had little sleep, leapt out of bed to get into the taxi, got half way down the road and had to come back for a forgotten passport, made the way to the airport, fell asleep at breakfast and for Mike (who had packed at 4am that morning) had the worst one hour flight to Amsterdam ever!! Hmmm, boys will be boys hey!

Mick and Mike

They weren't this cheery on the way to the airport at 6am!! (hehe)

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