Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Star spotting – Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson

I read that there was a film premiere in Leicester Square on Monday night for Marley & Me so I sneaked out of work early to go have a squiz.

The website I saw said it started at 5pm but recommended you get there at around 12pm for a good possie. Since I am a working woman now (ok well last three weeks, and fingers crossed for some more work after Friday) I had to go after work so go there around 5pm. I managed to secure myself a goodish possie, about 3 rows back from the main part of the red carpet which I was happy about, the guy in the front row was a professional star spotter I think (he had a book full to autographs). He said he had been there since 11.30am!

So after standing for about an hour and a half (next time will wear more comfy shoes) the stars finally started to rock up. First up was a kiwi singer, Hayley Westerna and after posing for a million photos with the press came over to the fans to sign some autographs and get in some pictures. Then came a few more stars, I assume they were British soap stars, I try to avoid British soaps like I do exercise, so I didn’t really know any of them and then they arrived … Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson in the flesh and blood and that was about the time that I got squashed like a sardine in the crowd as everyone clambered for a peak and photo. Because they were moving so quickly and didn’t stick around for long I took pictures with my quick succession setting so I would be sure to get them, so they aren’t the best quality but you can defiantly tell who they are. They were so close I could off touched them (if I was into that, for the record I’m not!) unfortunately though I wasn’t close enough for a photo with them or autograph. They were super nice, chatting to the fans, signing photos, smiling for photos with the fans and trying to please everyone before being ushered away.

Am loving the London free events and, next time I don’t have work (hopefully that won’t happen) will pop back down to Leicester Square to see who else I can spot.

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