Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Church

Today was the much anticipated (and planned) day at the Church. I was still suffering from severe never ending European cold but still managed to get it together on the day.

Our theme of the day was wearing all of one colour, being crayons in a box. Of course, mine was pink, unfortunately I couldn't find pink tights but highlighter pink leg warmers did the job.

At 9amish we hightailed it up to Tim and Louisa's (which meant we actually go there around 10ish) for a champagne breakfast with scrummy food, Asti (wine haters wine!) and some yager shots. We then missioned it down to Kentish Town and into the Church - only open Sunday afternoons from 12 - 4pm, mostly frequented by Antipodeans - for some afternoon drinking. We had such a great time, dancing, singing, drinking, posing (some more than others Louisa!!).

When the church closed at 4.00pm we headed to "She Bu" for those who aren't up with the lingo (Shepherds Bush Walkabout). After a boring hour on the tube we made it to She Bu before our alcohol buzz wore off. Shepherds Bush Walkabout is a pub that is aimed at the OZ/Kiwi market so as soon as we walked in the door we headed to the mince pie stand and munched into some pastry goodness (thanks Tim!). We then headed to the dance floor and danced and sang to, oh I dunno, 8.30pm (early drinking is great). At that time my European flu was bringing me down so I left the others and made the trek (the long way) home on the tube, de-colourised and went to bed.

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