Monday, 27 March 2006

Home and Away Update

Have had a specific request for a Home and Away update so here you are

Helpmann continues to bully and harass poor Rachel – and Kim wants to kill the guy!

Beth and Irene throw an engagement party for Tasha and Robbie, but it turns into a wedding party! Robbie’s secretly arranged it all – Tasha arrives in a boat, looking ravishing and a celebrant is there to perform the ceremony. Rose petals shower the happy couple.

Belle is causing trouble: she’s a terrible flirt…who will she go for next?

After fainting at the wedding party, Tasha is pregnant! It seems Jonah’s the father. Robbie heads off to the jail to confront Jonah and learns from Charity that Josh West paid off people in ‘high places’ to protect The Believers. So he’s responsible for Tasha’s predicament!

Rachel decides she can’t live without Kim. She’ll go to the Board and report Helpman’s harassment and hostility to her. Despite having saved the life of Helpman’s son from drowning, he is still out to get revenge on Rachel.
Rachel is suspended for breach of conduct for being with a patient.

Robbie and Tasha have some tortuous moments – Tasha doesn’t know if she can go through with the pregnancy. Robbie promises to be by her side, whether she has the baby or not. Tasha has decided to keep the baby.

Josh gets some hate mail: ‘You are dead! Is this from Amanda?

Sally finds the tickets she’d bought for Flynn to go to Italy. She puts the spare ticket into the a order book which she thinks is Leah's. Colleen comes in beaming about the trip…she’d love to go!

Irene invites Belle to stay long term and tells her she’s helped lots of kids out in times of need. Belle shows Irene the photo of the woman she is looking for: her real mum.

Josh makes a subtle threat to Amanda about Ryan. Later that day a brick flies through the window, dangerously close to Ryan. Amanda is rattled. When a car almost swipes Amanda and Ryan off the road, Amanda decides to get protection: she buys a gun.

After Josh’s heavies threaten her, Amanda marches into Josh’s office armed with a gun and tells him never to mess with her again! Josh undermines her bravado and she drops the gun.

Sally, Colleen and baby Pippa head to Italy!!

Amanda tells Beth she wants out of Project 56, but there’s no way out.

As Josh looks over his stolen files, there’s a knock at the door. The dead body of Josh West is left lying on the floor.

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