Thursday, 9 August 2007

My last couple of weeks

Hey Everyone

Sorry I haven't updated my site in a while, that is because nothing overally exciting has been happening lately, but incase you care about the mundane parts of my life I have given a summary of what I have been doing:

- Went to Wet 'n' Wild - Bloody Freezing!!! - they had nice warm spa's though (think pretty much the only "hot" pools on the gold coast)

- Hung out with Dustin and Nic and played poker and singstar, they also let us spend a room in their resort and had a bubble bath spa!

- Had to fork out another $140.00 on my car as the exhaust pipe (the actual long thing on your exhaust) feel off and it sounded like a truck

- Started playing netball again after over a year, goes well for about the first half and then ankle gets sore because concrete is too hard, hoping that this problem will stop soon :p

- Went to casino on Friday night and won $185.00 on craps table, woo hoo, hoping to repeat winnings this Friday night as rent has increased

- Watched The Simpsons movie, wasn't my kinda thing and I personally didn't find it that funny, but Darryl and Sara cracked up.

- Read the new Harry Potter book. It was great!!! Except thought the ending was dumb. What did you think?

- Did a new quiz on Bebo
Toni’s Bebo - go and do it!!

- Joined Face Book - apparently this is the new big thing, I don’t really like it as its quite confusing, but I have my own aquarium

- My sister moves back to the Gold Coast on 3 September

- New Singstar 90’s is coming out

And that’s pretty much a summary of the highlights of my life to date

Exciting events that might happen and could be interesting

- Going to Ekka 2007 on Saturday

- Going to Brisbane for a dress up flash weekend and gambling

Until those events materialise, drop me a line and let me know what you are doing or at least let me know if you still read my blog!


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Hayley said...

YAY finally :) sounds like you've ben up to a bit actually...i must blog the most boringest stuff if u think u had nothing to say :) congrats on the gambling win....hope this doesn't mean the start of an addiction...there seemed to be alot of it mentioned!
SingStar 90's will be rad. prob cos i actually recognise most of those songs! doesn't seem to be as huge no singing for me til i get home.