Monday, 27 August 2007

Poker, Bingo and Pokies

22 August 2007

On Wednesday me and Darryl usually head out to the Southport Workers Club to play Bingo (yeah I know, boring out couple!). We usually have a pretty good run, where one of us usually wins something, except for the last couple of weeks, so instead decided to play the free Texas Hold Em Poker they have there and Dustin and Nic were going to join us. We found out that we couldn’t all sit at the same table so me and Nic decided to head into bingo and the boys played.

The boys had a good night playing the poker and it was free to bet “100’s and 1000’s of dollars”! We did alright in the bingo room with Nicola and me both winning a line prize and me winning a $20 voucher for the club.

So as we always do in the break, we headed to the “pokies room” (gambling addict anyone!) and tried our luck on the pokies. During the bingo break if you win over $1.00 on the pokies they give you a raffle for a chicken (we have won this a few times) so I was trying my luck and losing terribly. Nicola was doing ok, so as I was waiting for her she gave me a few more bucks of her winnings to put into the machine and so I did and I WON the major jackpot $298.00 woo hoo!!! I think I have a career in this gambling business!!

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Hayley said...

i think u are an addict...see help! but well done on the BIG win! YAY, you go girl!! =)