Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Something to tide you over until I write a proper update

You know you are a kiwi when ...

* you get angry if someone tells you to cook them some eggs...
* you know its not a sweet potatoe but good ole kumara.
* You’ve lost at least one filling to a K-Bar
* You know that ‘thongs’ go on a girl’s bum – ‘jandals’ go on your feet
* The difference between your winter and summer uniforms at primary school was a jersey.
* You wouldn’t touch Steinlager with a 10 foot pole
* The sound of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ makes you feel physically sick
* You got fish ‘n’ chips for lunch at school on a Friday
* The underwear you put on depends on which rugby team is playing that day
* You get excited when you walk into a 7-11 overseas and see L & P
* The America’s Cup results interest you.
* You know that “the big taste always gets through!”
* Any sport is interesting to you when we beat Australia at it
* The temperature hits 20 degrees C and you have to strip down to your undies and sit under a tree in the backyard
* You know for sure that Rachel Hunter is the hottest woman in the world
* The thought of sitting on the toilet in winter makes you cry
* You’ve trodden on a cowpat in bare feet
* You’ve referred to an accident as a “Minties moment”
* You know what a ‘Perky Nana’ is.
* You can say 'Yes, I shag sheep' with a straight face.
* You can swim (really big in Europe)
* You don't trust any sunblock under SPF20
* You can say 'Mate' with just the right accent!
* You played rugby at least once in school.
* You know that the only way to get out of PE is to have a limb in plaster(preferably the leg)
* You'd kill for a frozen buzz bar and a DB on a hot day.
* You can say Whakatane without thinking it's a swear word.
* You miss earthquakes.
* You get excited when you see anything remotely sheep-ish!
* You can take the lid of a beer bottle with a fish slice
* You had a pet lamb/calf, and attended your schools Lamb and Calf Day.
* You miss going to A&P shows
* Hotdogs come on a stick, with crunchy batter and heaps of tomato sauce.
* Watties is the king of all tomato sauce.
* You know what scroggin is and would never go tramping/camping without it.


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