Monday, 27 August 2007

Ekka 2007

10 August 2007

On Saturday morning we got up bright and early to catch the train to Brisbane for Ekka 2007. The Ekka is the big Brisbane show. It goes for 10 days. We spent a bit of time going around the exhibits and a lot of time in the “taste testing tent”. I got a free spine examination and found out that my spine is “extremely” out of whack and may be the reason I am so damm clumsy! I brought a spinal assessment for $45.00 (normally $250.00) and get it checked out tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we decided to head over to the “fun” side. We didn’t end up going on any rides as they were quite expensive and we are taking my sister (who is moving back to the GC on 3 September) to Dreamworld in a couple of weeks. We did however try our luck on the side shows and it payed off. I WON!!! I played a game that I thought would get me a giant carebear if I won unfortunately they were all out so I received a giant dog. These toys must have been 1 metre high. Who can say that have ever won soft toy that big on side shows before. I still really wanted a carebear and was somewhat disappointed with my dog and then Darryl and my sister walked up to this random person with a purple carebear and asked to swap. He said yes and so I got my carebear. My sister thought that she would also try her luck on another game and she won also, taking home a giant pink unicorn thingee.

It was a pretty good day and am stoked with my giant carebear and i think someone got tuckered out! ;)


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