Thursday, 28 August 2008

28 August 2008 to 4 September 2008

Valencia, Spain to Dublin, Ireland
28 August 2008
This afternoon Debra and I headed to Dublin. I had a week to spare and why not spend it in Dublin with Debra. It was great to get to Debra's house to relax a bit and do some washing. Not too much relaxing was happening though as it was Debra's night off and we decided to hit the Dublin party scene. We headed to a bar in town that a lot of kiwis/aussies go and met up with Debra's flatmate Lisa and her boyfriend.

They had to work the next day so they left and we continued on our way into Temple Bar where we danced and drank the night away just like the good old times.

29 August 2008 - 4 September 2008

Various days in Dublin were spent relaxing on the couch as both myself and Debra had caught the (never ending) flu, I did however venture out to

- Trinity College

- Molly Malone statue - (also known as "Cockles and Mussels" or "In Dublin's Fair City") is a popular song, set in Dublin, Ireland, which has become the unofficial anthem of Dublin City. It has also in Ireland acquired the status of an Irish anthem.- Guiness Storehouse
Ireland’s No. 1 international visitor attraction

-Kilmainham Goal
One of the largest unoccupied gaols in Europe, covering some of the most heroic and tragic events in Ireland's emergence as a modern nation from 1780s to the 1920s.
- Glendalough and the Whitlock Mountains
Is a glacial valley located in County Wicklow, Ireland, renowned for its Early Medieval monastic settlement founded in the 6th century by St Kevin, a hermit priest, and destroyed in 1398 by English troops.
In Dublin they still have some men to open and close the train barriers, needless to say this can cause major annoying traffic delays!

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