Saturday, 2 August 2008


Various updates from the week

Pam, Hayley and myself went to the movies on Wednesday night to watch Mamma Mia. I had heard mixed reactions from various people but generally the reviews were good. So we settled down with our lollies from Sainsburys to a packed theatre and tuned it. We were not disappointed. Mamma Mia is hilarious me and Pam were laughing at the top of our lungs (much to Hayley's embarrassment). The cast is fantastic and you just start to cringe when you think they are going to break into a another song. It has the total cheese factor and I would totally recommend it, but probably for the girls.
Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?
Here is just a handy dandy tip, I picked up from Hayley, for all those gmailers and blog readers.
Its called Google Reader and can be accessed from your gmail home page. This tool allows you to load up peoples blogs and whenever they update their blogs you will get an icon saying that they have -ie. Toni's Blog (1) - if you have one unread update. This is very good to make sure you don't miss a blog update if there are more than one, and not wasting your time clicking though not so vigilant blog updaters (and that is why I knew your site was updated Jason, even though I got a personal message)
Wicked - don't know why, but it keeps coming out of my mouth when anything good happens!
Managed to extract a couple more days out of my current job so am due to finish up there on Wednesday.
Am due to start my holiday on 11 August 2008, can't wait.

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