Monday, 11 August 2008

Buckingham Palace

On Saturday Niki, Hayley and myself decided to go and visit the opening of the state rooms in Buckingham Palace as they are only open for two months of the year. It appears that almost everyone else had the same idea and we had to settle for buying tickets to go and see it on Sunday.

So on Sunday we arrived at our allocated time, had a (not so sneaky) photo in the waiting area and then proceeded to go though the palace. The palace was quite cool and we had an audio guide which is really handy. This year was the first year ever that they set up the banquet room and it was amazing. Definitely the highlight of the visit. Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to take photos in the palace so I have copied some off the Internet. Also unfortunately the Queen wasn't there as she is away for the summer so people can invade her house. Some of the rooms are so amazing (and a little over the top). The queen even has her own secret entrances.

I totally recommend going to see it when its open, way better than Kensington Palace

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