Saturday, 9 August 2008


On Friday night it was one of Michelle's last nights in London before heading back to NZ. So me and Hayley missioned it to the Redback Tavern in Acton to catch up with her. I had never been to the Redback before but heard it was the place of "snakies" - A snakebite is a pint glass half filled with cider, half with lager and a couple of dashes of raspberry cordial. Not as bad as I would have expected but not good either. The Redback is where a lot of Antipodeans hang out and as soon as I walked in the door, it reminded me of my youth and the hours I spent at the Outback!

As soon as the music went downhill we missioned it home on three different night buses and oh so many hours later the only up point to our trip home was that I got to see my first foxes in London.

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Hayley said...

oooh fab pic looking very hot with snoopy! and i must say we look hot & skinny in the other pic too...apart from the alien shadow heads going on!