Sunday, 16 November 2008

Hayley’s last night partying in London Town

Tonight was Hayley’s last time to go out partying with all the girlies in London town, so we frocked up and headed to Louisa’s for some quality girl talk, chocolate fish and green frogs (Wicked, Smirnoff Ice and Orange Bacardi Breezer mixed into one). Once the fish and frogs were gone we headed into the city for some dancing to 90’s tunes.

On the way into town on the tube, we found ourselves in an empty carriage and at a stop so some of us decided it might be quite fun to swing off the poles or maybe do a little pole dancing and fashion parading. We knew there were CCTV cameras operating but we put that to the back of our minds and were giggling and dancing away as you do after a few drinks. It wasn’t until the tube driver announced that we were delayed and that he appreciated our dancing did the embarrassment engulf our bodies!! Oh the shame!! And then if that wasn’t bad enough upon leaving the tube the girls started waving to tube and the tube driver came out of the tube and started waving back at us.

We then continued to our destination on foot. The night was full of other embarrassing moments the highlights for me were Louisa’s camera moment and where she slapped someone in the face with her over enthusiastic clapping. We had such a good night dancing, singing, watching Baywatch and partying in the big city, even on a broken heel!


notHamilton said...

Hey! How come my tube silliness is the only bit documented with photos... what a stitch up.

Hayley said...

ha funny I'm totally just blogging and have added Pam's swing pic too... it's just too good!