Thursday, 6 November 2008

Since I have been back in London

Just a few notes about what I have been doing since I have been back in London, aside from the highlights which get their own special blogs!!

Since I got back it was a little difficult to get a job. The job market is really quiet with lots of people being made redundant. After about two and half weeks I finally managed to get some work and it was been quite steady ever since. I have been working in the same place for about a month. It’s a patent firm and totally boring, but, I sooooo need the money to pay for my holidays that I have lined up.
After living at Hayley’s for … a while … I managed to find a nice house in Dollis Hill (up the Jubilee line for those in the know) which is in NW London. So it’s a little closer to the other girls, but not that much really!! I have a single room that is super cheap in an old house, but its nice enough and suits me fine. It has wifi Internet which I am loving (as you can probably tell) and free calls to NZ, Aus and other places, so send me your landline number. I live with four other people (five at the moment though, we have a dosser). So there are 4 guys and 2 girls there at the moment and they are all really nice which makes a huge change from the last flat.
I signed up to play netball the other day as felt I needed to do some exercise. I rang them up and they put me in an A Grade team - gulp! I had my first game last night and it wasn’t as bad as expected. I didn’t pass out (phew), hurt an ankle (yah) and I can still walk today (bonus)! Had a really good time and once we have a full team it will be really good.
I have been doing lots of reading lately, tube commuting does that for you and just thought I would suggest some books I recommend to read

Anyway that’s enough about my mundane life for now, looking forward to hearing about everyone else's.

Lots of love

Toni xoxo

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