Monday, 24 November 2008

The Church - The second time

No banana, no, naughty banana!
Richard was coming down to London this weekend and suggested we hit The Church, I needed no arm twisting, I was so there!

< --- me and the michaels (my flatmates)
Banana in Pjamas (Richard) ------------------>

A theme was decided (it was supposed to be fairy tale or story book characters) and we were all set to go. Everyone battled the snow and came round to my house for some Rashuns, cup cakes WITH sprinkles (hand baked, not from a packet mix thank you very much Louisa) and some pre-church drinks before going outside to battle the elements again and head to the church (see here for explanation of what the church is and previous experience). I even made it on the church web site photo gallery this time with Tim - photo.
Puss 'n' boots ------->
<---- The cow that jumped over the moon ... with two Smirnoff ices...?

We made it to The Church in good time for the 12pm door opening and most of us got in for £4 because we were dressed up, Richard got free entry because he was way dressed up - me and Louisa are already thinking about what we could be next time to get in free!

Aladdin --------->

The usual carryons were had (posing photos, photos with other people in costume, hat swapping, excessive consumption of alcohol, singing, dancing, falling down stairs x2, etc, etc) until closing time and then we all trekked it to the She Bu Walkie. Once there the mandatory pie was had before checking in the coat and dancing all night long to some tunes and boy did I dance (I could hardly walk the next day)! I finally had to leave the place when it was closing at 11pm which to be honest was probably a good thing as I had work the next day and I probably would of kept on going and going and going, just like the energiser … cow!
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