Friday, 12 June 2009

Debra's Visit

Debra was over in London for a couple of days in order to get her Mongolian visa for her big Trans-Mongolian railway trip in August.

We decided to head to the seaside for the weekend and Brighton was the place. Brighton is about an hour away on the train and if you are lucky you can get £3.00 fares one way, bargain!

Debra had hooked us up with a fancy pants hotel, that .... was a little different. Apparently there was an option for bondage (which we declined)! It was really funky and everything was pink including the shower door (which I might add was see through!)

On Friday night we headed out to the Pier for some fish 'n' chips on the beach, just like at home!

Saturday was spent looking around Brighton Pier and through The Royal Pavilion - which is a former royal residence located in Brighton, England. It was built in the early 19th Century as a seaside retreat for the then Prince Regent.

The Pavilion's outside architecture is based on Indian designs (its the picture at the top) and the inside decorations are based on Chinese designs. The inside is magnificent, there are so many beautiful designs, statues, etc they are just amazing. It was said that the prince had never even been to China or India but designed them from pictures that he had seen.

As you weren't allowed to take any photos inside the palace I have found some, but they don't really give justice as to how amazing it was, but if you are ever over this way I would totally recommend going to the pavilion as it was one of my favourites.

That night we dressed up in fancy dresses to hit the Brighton party scene. After a tip off from ... not sure, Debra spoke to someone ... we headed down to the Pier. As we were walking along the Pier we got to a chatting with some boys who were going to the same place as us and they were on the door (VIP entry) and invited us to join in the line so we didn't have to wait for ages or pay as much for the cover charge. We partied like it was 1999 to some crap arse dance music, made bearable by the copious amounts of alcohol (and jager bombs) and decided to head home when Debra's feet were so sore she walked in stockings all the way home.

The next day after a well needed sleep in we checked out late and went for a walk down to the Marina where we sat in the sun and soaked up the sun in the ... what felt like, Mount, vibe. We then collected our things and jumped on an early train (had a heart attack thinking we were going to get caught when a warden walked by) and made the journey home (of course, as per usual, the Jubliee line wasn't working!)
All in all had a fantastic time in Brighton and for £6 return (or £4 with rail card a total bargain and breeze to get to for the day). Unfortunately, my computer seemed to delete or something most of the photos on Debra's camera we don't have many from our trip.

Debra was here until Wednesday to ensure her visa would be ready, so on Tuesday night we gathered all the girlies up and headed down to China Town for dinner. Some tourists asked us to take this photo for them so we decided to ask them to return the favour!

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