Saturday, 27 June 2009

Weekend 26 - 28 June 2009

On Friday night I meet up with Nikki, a girl I met on my Budapest tour, after work. I had just received a text message saying that there was a moonwalk planned at 6pm at Liverpool Street. We didn't really have much else on so decided to head down and check it out. It was ok, but really pretty much a huge bunch of people blocking off Liverpool Street dancing to three of MJ's popular hits and then a little bit of a moonwalking by some people. There were photographers and video cameras everywhere but not sure where all that footage ended up ...

On Saturday we went to Toast - Toast is a festival put on by ... someone... It has three different days, Fri for Saffa's, Sat for Kiwi's and Sun for Aussies. We (Louisa) managed to score us free tickets for Saturday's show so Tim, Louisa, Richard and myself headed down.

This year toast was held at Clapham Common and London sure put the weather on for it. It was a beautiful day and I managed to work on my tan quite nicely. After looking around all the stalls at the yummy New Zealand food and drink we found a suitable spot and hankered down ready for the acts to start.

Richard, Tim and Louisa found that NZ wine was quite tasty and after asking me every three minutes if I liked wine yet, gave up and just drank themselves a bit silly!! :) And apparently I am not as fun sober as I might have been drunk!!

<----- Winos

The starting act was by New Zealand singer-songwriter Jayson Norris. Jayson is really cool and I actually quite like his music. Its really nice to chill out to. He must live in London because on every (most?) Sunday afternoons he can be found with his acoustic guitar playing at the Ves Bar (where you can also find twisties, kbars and peanut slabs!)

Once Jayson had finished it was time for the main act and the real reason we were here. It was Dave Dobbyn!! Dave was really good and amazing live. The crowd really got into it and it was deafening when he started to sing Slice of Heaven. After Dave finished his set we were ushered out of the common and just in time as well as it looked like the heavens were about to open up and drench us!

After Toast we had a quick dinner and went our separate ways, some of us having a wee bit too much wine!

As Richard was staying with me, we made the long trek (yes you guessed it, tube was down) home and had a shower and got changed and suggested to my flatmates if they wanted to come down to the Walkie for a few drinks. They didn't need much persuading and after a 40 minute rail replacement we were down at the Finchley Road. I felt I was a little behind (having not drinken all day) so I quickly downed a few vodka and redbulls and started dancing the night away. The night gets a little fuzzy from here but I know the drinks kept coming.

A movie (which I can't upload but check out my facebook or the new video's page I am starting) fills in some of the blank spots and for a girl who never gets hangovers, I had a MASSIVE one on Sunday.

These keys are now lost!

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