Saturday, 20 June 2009

Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot was on again this year and a couple of months in advance we decided to go. We got a bargain price at just £13.00 for our tickets in the silver enclosure.

A couple of weeks before the event, Louisa and myself went to the Camden Markets for some party frocks, we spent the next couple of weeks looking at (totally overpriced) fascinators (they ranged from like £12 to probably £100) in the end Donna made an original for Louisa and I borrowed Debra Briggs' one from last year.

On the morning of the event I high tailed it over to the Northern Line, because yes again, you might be noticing a trend here, the Jubilee Line was down. I meet Tim and Louisa at their tube station and we made the journey down to Waterloo.
Waterloo station was maniac with people dressed in fancy dresses, suits and fascinators in all different shapes and sizes. We waited FOREVER (about 30 minutes) to get our tickets to Ascot (in hindsight prebuying tickets would of been a good idea) and scrambled into the train to secure our seat for the hour journey. We passed many stations where people tried to cram into the overpacked train lucky we had seats and lucky for us you are allowed to drink on the trains which made a scalf in your face more bearable. So we opened up a bottle and started soaking up the atmosphere. On the train I meet a boy who said his parents raced and he gave me some tips on who I should bet for.

One we got off at Ascot I heard my name, I turned around and bumped into Tracey Smith (a girl from Gisborne I went to high school with, I also randomly bumped into Natalie Jones a couple of weeks back another girl from Gisborne I went to high school with), what a coincidence. I knew she was in London but out of all the people here managed to bump into her, surprising enough it happens all the time in London.

We walked the short walk to the stadium and secured a good spot. For a couple of hours we guarded our spot whilst waiting for other friends who were late!!!!! to turn up. We did a good job though and there was room for everyone.

The day was spent, drinking, chatting, waiting in toilet lines, watching races and even putting some bets on. My hot tip was good and the horse I bet on won so I was £19.00 richer at the end of the day.

The racing finished at 5.30 but Debra said last year they waited at the platform 3 hours for their train so we decided to hold back and left (read: got kicked off the field) at 7.30 and jumped on the train and went to Clapham. After a few hours in Clapham I decided to make the trek (tube, train and bus) back to my house for some much needed sleep after our big day at the races.

Unfortunately (this seems to be quite common around me these days - don't bring your camera near me!!) Tim and Louisa lost their camera and all our photos. I am trying to get some photos of a friend but these are the only ones I have at the moment (sometime during the day I borrowed Debra's camera and took some self portraits, lucky aye).

At the beginning of the day I had fancy pants GHD curls but after an hour or so they fell out. Where is Debra Fish when you need her! :)

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Briggsy said...

your fasinator is just fasinating you cheeky girl x