Thursday, 8 December 2005


We put up our Christmas tree on Monday night. Doesn’t it look pretty? All we need is some presents to put under it!

On Tuesday night me and Debra went on our weekly ice skating adventure. We turned up at the ice rink to find that instead of clear, nice, smooth, easy skating ice there was about a 2cm thick layer of water on top of the ice. Apparently the power went out a couple of times over the last couple of days and melted the ice. So we skated every so carefully as falling over would mean that our clothes would be drenched as well as coming home with a few bruises and bumps. But as the classes go on, we are starting to do more difficult stuff therefore falling over was inevitable. Debra was the first one to hit the ground front first and saturated her front and then she fell over again on her arse. She was drenched and could literally squeeze water out of her pants. The lesson was almost over and I wasn’t getting one of the moves and was getting rather frustrated and you know when you are so frustrated cause you can’t do it and other people are like try this, try that, and its just makes your more frustrated! Anyway so I tried in on the other leg to see if it was easier but then I fell face first and slid into a big pile of water. You know its time to stop when you are covered in water and only have yourself to be mad at. We are learning cool things though, we have learnt how to skate on one foot, drag a leg behind whilst skating on one foot, ski skate, and are in the process of learning how to spin and do cross over things with our legs.

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