Monday, 5 December 2005

Another week in Australia

This week was a little more eventful that last weekend. On Thursday and Friday night we went and saw Louise and Simon who were on the Gold Coast for a Holiday. They were staying at the Bel Air resort. We went over there to have a bbq and to use their facilities (ie. spa and pool). Unfortunately the weather had been a little chilly during the week so the outside pool wasn’t so warm but the inside one was. But I don’t know about the spas in Australia they all seem to be a bit chilly. After a swim on Friday night we decided to crank out the ole singstar and proceeded to sing our hearts out. After about an hour of singing we felt it was time and called up Kim to see what she was doing and to dedicate Shannon Noll to hear. She was most impressed I am sure.

The rest of the weekend was spent basically complaining about how damm hot it was. I think it was the hottest it has been, so hot in fact you can’t even sleep and end up dehydrated in the morning. Last night I ended up spraying myself with a water bottle just so I could sleep. We also went down to the broadwater by our house. They have a nice little area there that they have netted off so that the sharks don’t come in and we dipped down there for a few swims.

Cam and Rachel and their friends are due to be here tonight, we have brought a bbq pack and will be calling them asap to see if they want us to visit and ask if we can use their facilities.

I have had a few requests to write my address again to send Christmas cards, etc to so here it is

Toni O’Neill
1/37 North Street
Queensland 4215

Better get in quick. Only 20 days to go.

Don’t forget to write in my guestbook and send me some pictures of what you have been up to, haven’t had a post in a while.


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