Tuesday, 20 December 2005

What a week!!

This past week has gone in a whirl. We have been hanging out with Rachel, Cameron, Tobi and Che and have been so busy. Its really hard trying to keep up with people on holiday. I am looking forward to resting this week before the next lot come.

On Tuesday night we took them all to our ice skating lesson. Fortunately for them the rink wasn't like a lake like the week before. I think they each managed to fall over once as did me and Debra but had a good time all the same and even managed how to learn how to stop, I think!

On Thursday night we went around to their motel again for a bbq. We cooked so much food and had a good night. It great hanging out with friends again.

On Friday night I had my work Christmas do. We dressed up and went to a swanky seafood restaurant at Marina Mirage. Now for all of you not in the know, “Marina Mirage” is where all the upper class posh people hang out, very swanky. Donald Trump was staying at a motel along there not long ago. We ended up getting heaps of seafood platters. I was feeling really tired and not in the mood so didn’t drink that much or eat to much because I also knew that I had to go to Dreamworld the next day and drink on Saturday night.

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