Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Debra's Birthday

On Saturday it was Debra’s 23rd Birthday so we all decided to go to Dreamworld for the day. After eating seafood and having daiquiris the night before I thought best to go easy and not do too many rides. So we started on the wipeout and moved from there. We decided it was getting a bit hot so we ventured towards the water rides. The first one being the rapid river ride, the other guys were saying how last time they rode this ride they didn’t get wet at all. This didn’t match up with mine and Debra’s recollection of the ride and by the time we were finished Tobi, Che, Debra, Kevin and me were saturated! Rachel and Cam went in a different boat and again didn’t seem to get wet.

We then thought well we are wet already lets go on the log flume ride. Rach and Tobi dodged the waves as we went down the ramp, again me and Kevin got saturated. It was so hot though and had been raining also, so decides from the wet undies we were doing alright. We ended up going on the giant drop three times in a row as the line was so short it was fantastic!!

Towards the end of the day I had decided that I had reached my limit and was prepared to take on the photographer role. Debra had decided to join me, as she also had enough. So as I was taking photos of Tobi and Che on the Wipeout Rach, Cam and Kevin were on the The Claw. Debra decided to push the limit and go on one more ride. That is a decision she ended up regretting. It wasn’t her that was sick but some little 10 year old boy throwing up what looked to be hotdogs or some other nasty orange spew onto her white skirt and between her toes. Lucky it was the end of the day!

For dinner we decided to try out Cav’s Steak house.

We had a fantastic dinner and even got free bread rolls. Definitely somewhere we would bring guests when they come to stay.

After dinner we headed back to our house for a spot of singstar and ended up playing that till the wee hours of the morning. Lucky the neighbors had moved out!!

After an action packed day on Saturday we decided to lay low on Sunday and went down to the beach. As we were heading into the water I saw this dark object with a firm swimming in the waves, my instant reaction was SHARK!!, which I said quietly (as I didn’t want to cause a commotion) and was ready to bolt back to the beach when I quickly realised it was just a dolphin. I call tell you I almost had a heart attack!!

Will put some more pictures in the photo gallery

Anyways, its back to normal life now and catching up on much missed sleep!! Till the next lot come!

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