Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Desperate Housewives and Singstar

The last few weekends have been dedicated to getting up to date with the first season of desperate housewives. As unfortunately for us we left New Zealand half way through and Australia had already screened the first season. But we watched all 23 episodes and very excited about the second season.

On Sunday, we meet up with Cameron, Rachel, Toby and his sister Che. We went swimming in their pool and had lunch at Pacific Fair. As the afternoon progressed and everyone got a little sick of playing poker we decided to head over to our house and get some dinner and play singstar. We piled four people in the back and me and Debra in the front. Looking every which way for a cop on the way home cause as well as being overloaded we have been over here for three months and our licenses have expired. We have got the road code book, buts its as thick as and haven't really had time (or be botheredness) to study the road rules.
We sang to our hearts content and maybe drank a bit to much for a Sunday night, but had a good time and will be doing it again on Saturday as its Debra's birthday and she turns 23!
I got an email from Dreamworld today and me and Debra are going to Screamworld tomorrow night. It has all the dreamworld rides completely in the dark and entertainment.

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