Thursday, 23 March 2006

The Ball

Pam, Debra and Myself decided to get dressed up and head to the D & D Ball at Dreamworld. It was a good excuse to get dressed up and pampered. So at 2.30 we headed down to the hairdressers and after two hours and two glasses of champagne each our hair was ready to go and we all looked stunning.

The ball was pretty average and not what we expected. There were thousands of people there and the lines to get drinks and toilets were a nightmare. The Rogue Traders were cool, Natalie is my friend, ok well I kind of saw the back of her first she kind of looked my way and I bet she smiled but they didn’t play for long.

We then proceeded to a club in Surfers and then the usual hunt for a pie at about 3.00am.

We were glad to get home at 4am and rest our feet, cause you try walking around Dreamworld in high heels.

Overall the night was alright and it was good to catch up with Pam.
Have put some more pictures in my photo gallery

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