Friday, 17 March 2006

Home and Away update

Well, can't really be bothered remembering and typing about Home and Away so found this summary on the Home and Away website
What Happened from March 6 to March 10 (Episodes 4136-4140)
Robbie is the one who switched off Grahame’s life support! The Hunter family is under suspicion and all are interrogated at the station by Jack and Peter

Beth is devastated to think that Tony would suspect her of turning off the life support. The stress on the family is intolerable. Matilda is comforted by Lucas as Robbie watches on, feeling so bad.

The ‘grieving’ widow Amanda is dressed for the funeral and has prepared for the wake to be held in her apartment. At the graveside, Robbie is haunted by the thought of what he has done. Can he forgive himself?

Beth’s wake for her father is interrupted by Amanda appearing, carrying a picture of Graham. All show their contempt for Amanda and she is promptly thrown out of the house by Beth.
Tony and Beth have a heart to heart and Beth admits to Tony she did have the thought about turning off the life support, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Tony comforts her as she sobs in his arms.

The Hunter family is outraged at the reading of Graham’s will. Amanda has done something tricky again!.

Tasha finds Robbie on the beach, overcome with grief, guilt and anger. Now Amanda has all of grandpa’s money anyway! Later Robbie meets Josh and accuses him of being behind it all.
Tony appeals to Amanda to understand how Beth feels at the loss of her father and the meaning of Graham’s war medals to her. She relents and has the medals sent to Beth in an unmarked package.

Leah and Dan acknowledge the breakdown of their marriage. Leah tells Irene there have been so many issues : the gambling, Dan’s lies, her feelings for Peter and the death of the baby.
Jack catches out Peter when he finds him lying again. Now he is even more suspicious…
When Dr Helpman moves in on Rachel again, she is adamant she’s not interested and tells him to stop. Later that day Rachel learns she didn’t get a good recommendation from Dr Helpman. The award has gone to someone else…

Colleen puts her foot in it again when she mentions Dan’s gambling problems were the cause of their marriage break up.

Kim is furious when Rachel tells him about Dr Helpman and the bad assessment he gave her. He urges her to report him to the hospital CEO. She is reluctant, fearing it will make matters worse. Rachel gives Kim a hug before they part. Hyde confronts Kim and reminds him that Rachel’s career is at stake…

When Jack investigates for himself what Peter is up to, he’s knocked out cold and Peter is seen holding an iron bar in his hand…
Debra, Pam and I are going to the dandd ball at dreamworld on Saturday night.
so hopefully will have some cool pictures of us all glammed up and some funny stories to share.
Hope everyone has a good weekend and keep me posted.

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