Friday, 3 March 2006

Its raining, its pouring

For the last week it has been pretty much raining non-stop and it is cold. I have had to put on more blankets and even socks! I did however, get a nice pair from my sister for christmas which I can now say I have a use for. Where has the nice Gold Coast weather gone, it kind of reminds me of home though. But means I can't walk to work and have to get rides all the time which is annoying.
This week has basically been spent with netball, work and french lessons. Our french tutor said that we are getting really good and are even sounding french now. It is also becoming easier as we are starting to recognise words and sounds and how to write them.
Je suis secretaire et je travailler dans un bearu
I am a secretary and I work in an office
Home and Away
Tasha and Jonah were lead down to the river by the beleivers for the purification ceremony. But Tasha started quoting the number tatttoed on her foot and saying they should listen to her because she is the chosen one. But then the police turned up and saved them although Mumma Rose got a away. What do the numbers mean? Is Tasha pregnant? What will happen between her and Robbie now?
Dan and Leah
Leah and Dan were having a fight about Leah kissing Peter. Leah collapsed on the floor and was rushed to hospital were she disagnosed with phenoniminal. They went to do an ultra sound to check out the baby and it died about a week ago. Leah and Dan are really upset at the moment. Will their marraige surive?
Peter has been acting weird since he has been back in bay, taking pictures of Leah and we saw him with files for most of the summer bay residents. Jack overhead him on the phone saying to someone he wants out. What is Peter up to? Why is he back in the bay? Does it have something to do with Zoe?
This weeks is Alf's trial. Didn't watch it last night so not sure what is going to happen but think he goes to jail. Watch this space.

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Ross MacLeod said...

J'ai etude francais a l'ecole mais aujourdhui j'ai oublie beaucoup.

Il pleure a Hamilton aussi.