Sunday, 15 June 2008

This week

This week I started my new job at a patent attorney firm near Blackfriars tube station. I have this job for the next couple of weeks maybe more (fingers crossed). This job is paying a higher hourly rate than my other jobs and has flexitime which means as long as I am at work before 10am and don't go home before 4.30 and work 7 hours I can choose my hours. Its great to have some sort of "regular income" especially with expensive holidays coming up.

Hayley had been scanning and came across some 10 pound tickets (can anyone point me in the right direction on how to change my keyboard to have a pound symbol (I have Windows Vista?)) to see Into the Hoods at the West End. So on Wednesday we headed down to Novello Theatre. Into the Hoods is the first ever hip hop show to make it to the West End and I can see why it was fantastic. I am not generally a fan of hip hop fan but this was quality dancing, it even had some contemporary and jive and ...Fairy Gee a, I would say about 5 year old girl, who came on stage with some funky moves in a gold jump suit!

On Saturday I packed my bag, made sure I had a fresh battery for my camera and made the journey into town to visit Kensington Palace. I was walking through Hyde Park and was looking on the lawn that had some pigeons on it and in between the pigeons was a squirrel. I pulled out my camera in excitement to take some shots. Suddenly my memory was full. Damm, what an idiot, I had left my memory stick in my laptop at home (over an hours journey one way) what an idiot and incredibly frustrating because the only person you can blame is yourself. So I skulked away from the entrance and headed down to Kensington High Street to see if I could pick up a cheap memory stick for my camera. As my camera is Olympus it takes an XD memory stick and of course these are really expensive. Grrrrrrrr. So instead I went to the movies and saw the Sex and the City movie and its was really good and had some laugh out loud moments. Its made me want to start watching the series!

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