Saturday, 28 June 2008

Wimbledon 2008

Since Hayley knew how much we all loved tennis :) she had organised us to come to this once in a lifetime event - Wimbeldon

After much debate and decision making we decided to head to Wimbeldon around 8am to queue for general admission tickets. The website said that you have to queue hours in advance and there were only 6000 general admission tickets. So I awoke at 5.30am and made the 1.5 hour trip there, bumped into Sheree on the way and we even made it there early. Some people who shall not be named were a tad late !! :) !!. So at around 8.15am we headed to the line to start our, what was it guys, around 3.5 hour queue line wait. Fortunately, we had all brought a picnic, drinks and cards so the wait didn't even seem that long. We got our queue tickets 7435 for me and our heart sank, we weren't in the 6000 people, fortunately the helpful stewardess said that usually the first 9000 get in before 1pm. Yah!!

So at around 11am with our queue cards safely put away (if you lost them you would not be able to get it) we walked the mammoth board walk, with various advertising materials being confiscated (I am sure Hayley will expand on that), x-rays, body searches, misplaced wallets and finally got our tickets and were inside the gates of Wimbledon.

We were separated for a while so Sheree and I headed up to the hill to watch some of the tennis on the big screen. Because we only had general admission tickets we were not privileged to the Centre Court or Court 1 (where all the big names play) so we watched Jankovic on the big screen and then headed down to the practice courts to see if we could see any big players practicing. Whilst heading down there we found an HSBC tent which did photos for free. Bonus, so me and Sheree had photos of us holding the plates and then hung around to get the autograph of super sexy Mario Ancic who was honoured to have his picture with me (honest, he told me so, we so had a conversation).

We then met up with Hayley who was purchasing some used tennis balls for souvenirs. We then thought we should actually watch some live tennis, that's what we were there for right!! So we watched some men's doubles, then headed to court 2 (us plebs were allowed to stand here to watch this court) to watch some men and then ended up in court 3 watching some female doubles.

Lucky for us the weather was fab and may have even got a tan. Had a great day and thanks heaps for organising Hayley.
And of course as usual, more pictures in the photo gallery.

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