Saturday, 26 July 2008

Monopoly Pub Crawl

Favourite photo of the day!

Us in our beautiful t-shirts - front and back
This weekend was the much anticipated girls monopoly pub crawl. With Louisa on school holidays she was in charge or the organising. With our printed tshirts, pounds by the plenty and maps all ready at 11am we started off.
You can find the map and the route here - Monopoly Pub Crawl

There are a bazillion pictures and have put them all in my photo gallery.

First, up are pictures of the actual streets.

4. 5-9 we decided to miss as they were all out of town, took ages to get to and the pub transport in the heat is quite unbearable. So we started again at






We had such a fun day and all up managed in 18 out of 26 pubs. We had a alcohol beverage at all except one and we had shots and were mixing alcohols like you wouldn't believe. Surprisingly none of us were out of control drunk and I didn't have a hang over the next day. So all in all it was a success and compared with the boys who manged I think 16 pubs, 70 pounds and were home at 8pm drunk - Our 18 pubs, 40 pounds and home at 11.30ish not wasted was an ass kicking!! :)

Here are some more pictures of the day - there are loads in the photo gallery and some really good "kodak" moments .
Me playing monopoly!
Shots with "real" gold. This stuff was Cinnamon and so yum, really warmed the insides!
An AUSTRALIAN guy who was also doing the pub crawl and liked to strip down at most of the pubs! Henry Hunter I believe his name was.
Shirt swapping.
Me wearing Tom Tom's?? glasses.
Hayley and "Rossi" (another crawler) doing tequila!
Photo taken especially for Hayley's facebook profile picture
Baileys shots
Hayley and Swallow Street (hehe)
Us and "The Olympians" more fellow pub crawlers

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