Saturday, 20 September 2008

19 September 2008 to 20 September 2008

19 September 2008 to 20 September 2008

Tirana, Albania to Herceg Novi, Montenego and Dubrovnick, Croatia

19 September 2008

After a late breakfast at the fantabulous hotel we hit the road and headed towards Montenegro. Our drive took us along some beautiful coastal roads and scenery.

As Montenegro has recently just declared independence - On the basis of a referendum held on 21 May 2006, Montenegro declared independence on 3 June. On 28 June 2006, it became the 192nd member state of the United Nations,[8] and on 11 May 2007 the 47th member state of the Council of Europe - it has very limited accommodation so what they have done is convert part of a hospital into a "hotel". Which means that one side of the building is was a working hospital (or for some, two doors down!) and the other side was a "hotel". There were even old call buttons for the nurses in our room and I can tell you that the food was defiantly hospital food, it was rank, there was a lot of mysterious meat and dessert was a banana!

20 September 2008

Due to our convenient location, in a hospital, I arose bright and early to see if I could see a doctor (was still suffering badly from bus sars). Two doors down from our room I knocked on the door and was welcomed in by a doctor and prescribed some drugs. How convenient and best thing of all, the doctor was free and the drugs only cost euro 3.50 bonus!
After my doctor's visit we piled in the couch and headed towards Dubrovnick in Croatia. Dubrovnick is a beautiful coastal town where the old city is surrounded by walls. After getting some local currency - Kuna - we headed into the old city and for a walk around the walls.

This walk took two hours and gave beautiful view of the city and surround islands. After the walk we caught a ferry to a small island and home to a nudist beach. After seeing some naked men on the beach we headed back to the coach and back to Montenegro for the Punch party.

The tour leader and bus driver had organized a punch party for us, we all payed 5 eruos and in a giant barrel got poured copious amounts of vodka, wine, juice and then some random spirits and it was potent but actually quite good. Had a fantabulous night with heaps of great people and there are many random photos, which you can catch in my photo gallery!
Kiwi girls --->

What better way to cure a hangover then sticking needles in your head!!

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