Sunday, 28 September 2008

28 September 2008

28 September 2008
Prague, Czech Republic to St Goar, Rhine Valley, Germany Dawn - Rhine River

We left the "city of a thousand spires today" and headed to our castle on the hill in Germany. We travelled along the Rhine River -the Rhine River is one of the longest and most important rivers in Europe at 1,320 kilometres, with an average discharge of more than 2,000 cubic meters per second. The Rhine has been a vital navigable waterway, carrying trade and goods deep inland. It has also served as a defensive feature, and has been the basis for regional and international borders. The many castles and prehistoric fortifications along the Rhine testify to its importance as a waterway. River traffic could be stopped at these locations, usually for the purpose of collecting tolls, by the state controlling that portion of the river. The Rhine was beautiful and we learnt the legend of the Lorelei rock. (different Lorelei than the one in Gilmore Girls!)

We were promised a night in a castle in Germany, this was the castle, I can say I was a tad disappointed. I guess it kinda looked like a castle but it didn't have lots of turrents, or a moat, or anything like that and this is probably the best angle at the back its all wooden and inside looks like a normal hostel.

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