Thursday, 25 September 2008

24 September 2008 - 25 September 2008

24 September 2008 - 25 September 2008
Venice, Italy to Kirkdorf (Tyrol), Austria to Munich, Germany, back to Austria

24 September 2008
Venice, Italy to Kirkdorf, Austria

We boarded the bus this morning and headed to Kirkdorf (Tyrol) in Austria. Austria is beautiful, it reminded me of Switzerland with the big mountains. We arrived in Austia in plenty of time to do our optional extras. I had chosen to do canyoning - canyoning travelling is through a gorge (down a waterfall) using a variety of techniques that may include walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling and/or swimming in deep pools.

We quickly changed in togs and headed off. Once there we got suited up in two wetsuits and our harness and after a few quick photos headed off. After a painstaking 10 minute walk up a hill in our outfits (I thought I was going to die) we made it to the waterfall where we started our canyoning adventures.
First, we abseiled down the first part (20m), and then jumped from the ledge about - The Edge - "Fuck Off" (warm up jump) (6m) - into a pool of water. With no hesitation I jumped into this pool, and once I landed my eyes flung open and I started gasping for air. The water was sooo cold, the kind of cold were you can't breathe and you can hardly move (I dread to think what the actual temperature was) once out of the pool and my breathing returning to normal I realised in my shock from the cold water that I had opened by eyes and that one of my contact lens had fallen out. Damm, and they were the only pair I had. I spent the rest of my canyoning trip with one eye closed, sliding down waterfalls, jumping into pools and walking along the rocky waterfall bed.

Once back at the hostel, I had a nice hot shower, dinner and headed to bed early for our day at Oktoberfest tomorrow.

25 September 2008
Tyrol, Austria to Munich, Germany

This morning we were heading to Munich to go and check out Oktoberfest. It wasn't supposed to be included in our trip, but since the timing was right, we were so close and had done our optional extras the day before, we thought why not check it out.

After two hours on the bus we were here. Oktoberfest is more than just drinking steins of beer. There are carnival rides, food, souvenirs and of course, the beer tents. We decided to spend the morning looking around Munich and doing some of the rides before heading into the tents.

Munich is a really pretty little city, unfortunately for us the weather was crapola but still managed to have a good look around.

In the afternoon, after a ride on the Olympic Rings ride, we decided to troop it into the tents. What a mission, everyman and his dog was trying to get in their as the weather was so miserable, fortunately for us, we found a back entrance and didn't have to wait an hour, like some people. The atmosphere in there is fantastic, people everywhere, barmaids in outfits (I wanted to get one, but it was way too cold to get changed) and of course steins full of beer. I don't drink beer, but thought I would get in the spirit of it, I purchased a half beer, half lemonade and managed to drink 2/3's of it which I think it pretty good. At bout 8.15 we decided to head out ad we had to meet at 9pm and we wanted to get some food. First stop, pork knuckles - these were amazing, best pork I have ever tasted - and then chocolate coated strawberries, after a quick stop at the toilet we ventured to the meeting spot about 5 minutes late. There was no one in sight, hmmm, we thought, ok they all must be late, most of them were pretty pissed, after another 5 minutes we thought, hmmm, and I called another girl who said that I was in front of her ok so I looked around, no one so I called again. They had already headed back to the bus, shit, luckily someone came back to us, but they were ready to leave us behind because we were 5 minutes late! Fortunately, for us we didn't get left behind, unfortunately for another person they did!

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