Monday, 28 November 2005

My week

Well, to be quite honest, my week has not been the least bit exciting.

On Tuesday we had our ice skating lesson. Me and Debra have decided that we need to take up yoga, so that we can do the positions required for being a professional ice skater better! We kind of learnt how to skate on one leg with one leg dragging behind in a kind of lunge position. We can’t even bend that low standing on the carpet let alone on an ice skate with one leg dragging along the ground. We kind of got the hang of it, but I woke up the next morning hardly able to move my right leg, but I bet my right arse cheek is looking better for it! Unfortunately, (well fortunately it wasn’t me) Debra fell over and would have fallen about a metre onto the ice on her butt. Apparently, she had an egg shaped lump and could hardly sit for about a week.

The only other thing that was exciting this week was that me and Debra were driving home (after being shopping at Pacific Fair, Debra wanted to get some trackies for ice skating to help lunge better) it started raining and then right before our eyes a bolt of lighting hit the top of the Q1 building. The moment we had been waiting for had happened right before our eyes and then about five minutes later another hit the top. It was so exciting. We decided to camp out at some theatre that had a great view with the camera but didn’t see anything else. Next time a storm hits we will be in the car with the camera in our secret spot!

This picture is of it being hit about three weeks or so ago at night. It wasn't that exciting yesterday but it was up there!

Hope you guys had a more exciting week than me, let me know!!

We have a few people coming over in the next while, so hopefully will have some cool stories and pictures shortly.

Home and Away

Just thought I would update you on the final episode of Home and Away.

Well, Flynn collapsed at Scott and Hayleys going away party. He has had enough of being sick and will he kill himself with morphine!!!!

Zoe, is back!!! Well not exactly, we saw a scene with her nursing someone in a hospital somewhere. She is still alive.

Tasha is still caught up with the beleivers and looks like she might choose them over Robbie.

Amanda got married to Graeme (Beth's father). Ewwww.

Jack and Martha got back together.

Dan and Leah have pretty much broken up but Leah is pregnant.

Next year, a hurricane hit summer bay... someone dosen't make it!

To be quite honest the final eposide wasn't that good. Definently not a clip hanger like shortland street.


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